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Mary F. Zelenak, Michelle Ruiter, Jennifer Guarino Tancreto, Mary Davis
Component ID: #ti1604618772

In April 2011, the U.S. Census Bureau conducted the 2011 Puerto Rico Community Survey (PRCS) Internet Test to evaluate the feasibility of providing a fourth response mode - €”an Internet mode - €”to addresses selected for the PRCS. The main objective of the test was to determine the best strategy to present the Internet mode in the PRCS mailings to maximize self-response. The results of this test will inform the decision of what method, if any, will go into PRCS production.

This report is a supplement to the report "€œ2011 American Community Survey Internet Tests: Results from First Test in April 2011" (Tancreto et al., 2012a) that discusses the American Community Survey (ACS) Internet Test conducted at the same time as the PRCS Internet Test. Additional background and references are available in that report.

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