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Temika Holland, Elizabeth Nichols, and Erica Olmsted-Hawala
Component ID: #ti1947663372


In Spring 2014, the Census Bureau’s Human Factors and Usability Research Group conducted a usability evaluation of the Research and Testing Operations Control System (RTOCS) using an iPad2 in preparation for the 2014 Census Test. The RTOCS is used by Field Operation Supervisors (FOS) and Crew Leaders (CL) to manage the work of Census Enumerators. Participants were asked to complete tasks these users will be required to do during field activities. Testing determined that there were high, medium- and low priority issues that could be addressed to make the application work more efficiently for users. High priority issues consist of the delayed response time of the application, and the mapping functionality being frustrating to participants. Medium priority findings consist of the difficulty participants experienced viewing tables within the application. These findings as well as additional usability comments, are discussed in this report.

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