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Working Paper Number SEHSD-WP2016-09
Emily Schondelmyer
Component ID: #ti618834419


This poster utilizes 2015 Current Population Survey (CPS) data to analyze the relationship between respondent and parent nativity and cohabitation rates among native-born (born in the United States) and foreign-born (born outside of the United States) cohabiters. While prior research has examined the effect of respondent nativity on cohabitation, no current research has studied the influence of parents’ nativity on cohabiting union formation. The CPS provides a unique opportunity to examine this influence because the CPS includes questions on both respondent and parent nativity. Further, prior studies on nativity and cohabitation have focused on differences between Mexican-born and native-born cohabiters, while this study broadens the scope to any nationality. Results indicate native-born respondents with foreign-born parents had lower cohabitation rates compared to native-born respondents with native-born parents. Foreign-born respondents with foreign-born parents had significantly lower cohabitation rates than all other groups. This trend continues despite controlling for sociodemographic characteristics.

Component ID: #ti1981841836

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