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An Assessment of the COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the 2020 ACS 1-Year Data

Mark Asiala, Stephanie Baumgardner, Stephanie Galvin, Laryssa Mykyta, David Raglin, Trudi Renwick, Hyon B. Shin, Jonathan Spader, Matthew Spence, and Sharon Stern


The Census Bureau has an obligation to produce accurate, relevant statistics about the nation’s economy and people. The data collection issues experienced by the 2020 ACS severely affected the data quality of these statistics, therefore, the Census Bureau decided not to release the standard ACS 1-year data for 2020. This report describes the data collection disruptions in 2020, the modifications to standard weighting and estimation to combat the collection issues, and the resulting data quality issues that informed the decision to not release the standard 1-year ACS data products.


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