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The Completion of Nonresponse Followup

Mon Jun 28 2010
Robert Groves
Component ID: #ti888122074

I am happy to announce that we have completed 99.6% of the Nonresponse Followup interviewing. Over the next few days this will move to 100%. We will continue to conduct quality assurance re-interviews on a sample of the cases, to verify that field procedures were followed. This operation will end on schedule (there might be a couple of offices of the 500 that will require a few extra days). It now seems certain that we will finish the operation under budget. My congratulations to the thousands of workers throughout the country that made this possible.

Component ID: #ti1382116098

Today, in about 50-60 offices throughout the country, we began a quality assurance operation that double-checks units judged to be vacant on April 1. It also checks units that we couldn’t find and were recommended to be deleted from our list. Finally, it will call on a set of addresses that were added late to the list and couldn’t be visited during nonresponse followup. This operation will visit about 15 million units and last about a month or so, using about 300,000 enumerators.

Component ID: #ti1068678707

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