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“Why does AESDirect say: Registration Already Exists with ID Number”? I’ve never used AESDirect before!”

Thu May 06 2010
Rosanna Torres
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I tried to register through AESDirect and it says my account is already registered. What am I supposed to do?

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It is very likely that at some point (ever since the new Foreign Trade Regulations were published in the Federal Register in 2008 and made AES mandatory), your company has been required to file export information. If this is the case, someone in your company, whether that is your shipping, sales, export or compliance department, may have already registered your company to file Electronic Export Information (EEI) using AESDirect.

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How do I know who registered my company?

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To find out who is listed as the Account Administrator for your company, call one of our representatives here at AES. The Account Administrator is the person responsible for creating and managing all filing accounts for your company. The Administrator can create a new account for you and reset your password at any time.

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What happens if the listed Account Administrator has left the company?

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Of course, in the business environment things change daily, including the staff. It may be possible that the registered Account Administrator no longer works for the company and did not transfer any login information for the AESDirect website to others. When this occurs, a company officer must make a request to the AESDirect Technical Support, via fax, to enable the company’s account. A template fax form is available on our website for download.

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Print the form, complete and fax to the number listed at the bottom of the form. A member from the AESDirect Technical Support Team will get back to you to confirm the account update. In the meantime, all new users can review the Sample Shipments and User Guides to learn how to file using AESDirect…or, if you think you have extra time on your hands, try to come up with a very hard to crack password. You will need it in order to get all set up.

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