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AES Filing: Plan for the Unexpected

Thu Oct 23 2014
Keith M Jones
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If your commercial software or in-house programmed software becomes inoperative, you must find another way to report your EEI to stay in compliance with the Foreign Trade Regulations [PDF]. Remember, the AES Downtime Policy applies only when either the AES or AESDirect is not operational.

Many companies that use commercial or in-house programmed software to file their EEI also establish AESDirect accounts as backup if their primary systems are not available.

If your primary means of reporting is through commercial software or in-house programming, you can use the same Employer Identification Number (EIN) to register forAESDirect. As a certified AESDirect filer, you can also download the AESPcLink software and use the same filer id and password.

Component ID: #ti1976103317

In other words, you have the ability to access more than one account per EIN:

Component ID: #ti1976103318

  1. Your commercial software or in-house programming account
  2. Your AESDirect /AESPcLink account

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To use commercial or in-house programmed software, you must file a Letter of Intent.
To register for AESDirect, please visit our website @

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