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Classifying Brand Name Products

Thu Jul 08 2010
Josephine Ocheni
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The beauty of the new Schedule B search engine is its recognition of brand name products.
We live in a technological age where things are constantly being improved upon. Better versions of older
models are being reintroduced and products are becoming multi-functional in their use. The question then is how does this affect classification?

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One of the general rules of interpretation in classification states that you are to classify the product based on what it is most akin to. So let’s take the new iPad™. What is this most similar to? If you said a computer (also known as an automatic data processing system) then you are correct! The awesome thing about the Schedule B search engine is that it asks you different questions based upon classification rules. It does this so that you narrow down your choices of potential Schedule B numbers and it helps you pick the best one suitable to your product.

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The iPad example is explained down below:

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  1. Type iPad into the Schedule B search engine.
  2. Once you type in iPad into the search engine it presents you with known characteristics about your product. Keep in mind that these characteristics are only assumptions so you can modify them to update your search results if needed.
  3. In this case the known characteristics about the iPad state that it is portable which is correct, and they also state that it is a central processor with input and output units in the same housing. I click on the modify link associated with the 2nd known characteristic to explore other choices. I slightly modify the characteristics to state that the product has at least a central processor, a keyboard and a display.
  4. Now that my characteristics have been modified, the computer questions me about the weight of my product. Two options are given: is it less than or equal to 10Kg or is it greater than 10Kg? I go ahead and choose less than or equal to 10Kg.
  5. Based on my choices, the smart engine has suggested that I classify the iPad in Chapter 84 which includes automatic data-processing machines. Since an iPad is akin to a computer, and has the same portability as a laptop this suggestion is accurate.
  6. Lastly, I click on the button at the bottom of the page that states Get Schedule B Number, and I am directed to the heading for automatic data processing machines and given a 10-digit Schedule B number specific to my product which is 8471.30.0100 – Portable automatic data processing machines, weighing not more than 10 kg, consisting of at least a central processing unit, a keyboard and a display.

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In conclusion, keep in mind that the smart engine is new and can’t know every brand name, but it’s improving all the time.

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“This blog post is not affiliated with or sponsored by Apple Inc.”

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