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Are You Prepared to Export?

Wed May 22 2013
Omari Wooden
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If you want to start exporting, but not sure where to start, you should tune in to the Go Global Webinar Series. The Census Bureau partnered with other government agencies to bring to you the resources available to help you succeed.

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The second webinar in a series of eleven was held yesterday, focusing on: “Preparing Your Business For Export”.

Access Archived Webinar Here

In this webinar, experts from the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) talked about help available to expand business abroad. SBA and SBDCs have expertise in trade and business counseling and can help you develop an export business plan.  SBA also offers you a free interactive Export Business Planner. The Planner helps you identify target markets, understand financial options, and calculate sales forecasts. Together, you and an SBDC counselor can use the Planner to build your Export Business and Marketing Plan.

If you are considering expanding into the global marketplace, this series of webinars is just what you need to see. Each webinar is led by financial, regulatory, and trade experts and focuses on different topics – from picking your market, accessing trade data, learning about available financing options, just to name a few. Best of all, they are free!

You can’t afford to miss out.

Sign up for upcoming webinars at:

Registration closes 24 hours before each webinar.

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