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Let me check my Calendar…

Thu Oct 30 2014
Stephen Jackson
Component ID: #ti357430209

How many times have we heard or said this famous phrase? I know for me, it is hard to count the number of calendars I have to look at on a daily basis. Between personal calendars, pay schedule calendars, staff calendars, processing calendars and e-mail calendars, we all know it can be a bit overwhelming keeping track of schedules.  Well, I do not mean to bother you with another but I think you will want to add this one to your list!

Component ID: #ti844108389

Our Events calendar is a quick snapshot that shows you our upcoming events such as:

  • Webinars
  • AES Seminars
  • Workshops

This calendar makes it easy for you to stay informed and schedule time to join us for training.  Another great benefit to know is that each of these entries provides you a link for easy registration to the event.

Component ID: #ti560660112

You can always find training and resources on our ITMD Outreach, Education and Training page at

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