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Automated Export System Compliance Seminar Schedule 2016

Wed Feb 17 2016
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We are happy to share with you our 2016 Automated Export System (AES) compliance seminar series. For the latest dates and registration details, visit our site.

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What is an AES Compliance Seminar?

The AES Compliance Seminar is a one-day program where experts from the Census Bureau and Bureau of Industry and Security as well as Customs and Border Protection officers from nearby ports discuss export topics such as:

  • Mandatory export filing requirements.
  • How to file the export information in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).
  • How to avoid common penalties and seizure of cargo.
  • Bureau of Industry and Security export control requirements.
  • How to classify your product by Schedule B number and Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN).
  • Best practices for maintaining compliance with export regulations.

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Please note: The AES Compliance Seminar qualifies for seven Certified Export Specialist (CES) credits.

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Wondering why you should register?

Our 2016 series has been updated to ensure we are providing the latest regulatory requirements on exporting, as well as step-by-step instructions with visuals on how to file through the new AES in ACE. Furthermore, we have a great lineup of federal experts. No other seminar can offer such valuable information!

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The 2016 schedule:

Indianapolis, IN February 23
Charleston, SC March 9
Jackson, MS April 13
Salt Lake City, UT April 27
Houston, TX May 4
Seattle, WA May 18
Philadelphia, PA June 7
Baltimore, MD June 21
Fort Lauderdale, FL (Spanish) July 20
Fort Lauderdale, FL July 21
Orlando, FL September 20
Laredo, TX (Spanish) October 12
Chicago, IL November 2
Boston, MA December 7

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Click here [IMG <1.0 MB] for more information on the compliance seminar schedule and details. 

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For more information on these training opportunities, please visit:

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