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Accessing AESDirect in the Automated Commercial Environment

Mon Jun 04 2018
Written by: Maritza Torres, International Trade Management Division
Component ID: #ti1288712655

The AESDirect application transitioned into the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) single window in 2016. Below are step-by-step instructions to help new users access ACE AESDirect to file their export shipments for the first time:

1.  After you have successfully established an ACE Exporter Account, log in to ACE using your web browser at <>. (We recommend you use Internet Explorer.)

2.  After logging into the ACE Portal, you will be in the Home screen. From the ACE main menu, select the Accounts tab. In the Task Selector panel, located under the Accounts tab, select the Exporter View from the drop-down menu and click GO.

Note: No matter the filer’s role in the export transaction, it is required to select Exporter.

Component ID: #ti1128831347

3.  Below the Task Selector, under Select Task, select Submit AESDirect Filings.

Note: Please disable or turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker in order to access the ACE AESDirect filing portal.

Component ID: #ti1606699689

4.  Navigate to the Shipment Manager.

After you have accepted the Certification Statements (they appear the first time you log in), the system will redirect you to the Shipment Manager. The Shipment Manager is the first screen in ACE AESDirect and it will show all of the high-level information on previously submitted shipments.

Component ID: #ti1120483008

5.  Select the Create Export Filing button.

This button will take you to the Electronic Export Information (EEI) page to begin filing a shipment. You will be required to complete all mandatory fields (red asterisks) to file your EEI. The system will prompt you to provide information in conditional fields (blue diamonds) when necessary. 

Component ID: #ti1216731592

If the Automated Export System accepts your export filing, and there are no errors, you will receive an Internal Transaction Number as your proof of filing.

For a detailed walkthrough of a filing in ACE AESDirect, you may use the Sample Shipment Document located at our ACE AESDirect Resources Page, or a recorded ACE AESDirect demonstration webinar located at our Outreach, Education and Training Site. For more information, please contact the Data Collection Branch at 800-549-0595, option 1 or email

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