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Now Available: Vintage 2021 Local Population and Housing Unit Estimates


New Vintage 2020 Population Estimates Available for Cities and Towns, and Housing Unit Estimates for the Nation, States and Counties


MAY 27, 2021 — The U.S. Census Bureau today released Vintage 2020 evaluation estimates of population for cities and towns as well as national, state and county housing unit estimates. Vintage 2020 estimates will continue to be released on a rolling basis through June and made available as a limited number of downloadable datasets. 

These estimates are based on the 2010 Census and were created without incorporation or consideration of the 2020 Census results. They are typically used in comparisons with the 2020 Census to make determinations about the accuracy of the estimates. Differences between the estimates and census counts are interpreted as error in the estimates and are used to inform population and housing unit estimates research and methodological improvements over the decade.

For information on how the Vintage 2020 estimates differ from the American Community Survey, 2020 Demographic Analysis, and the 2020 Census, view the “Upcoming U.S. Population Releases” fact sheet. For details regarding the timing of specific population and housing unit estimates products, visit <>. For the Vintage 2020 methodology statement and release notes, visit <>.

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Julie Iriondo
Public Information Office


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