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The U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) provides a detailed portrait of the social, economic, housing, and demographic characteristics of America’s communities. These important estimates are only possible through the responses of participants and provide valuable answers to meet the needs of policymakers, business leaders, planners, and others nationwide who need good data to make informed decisions. Whether you have been contacted to participate in the survey or you are looking for ACS data, you can start by:

Visit the resources below for more specific assistance.

Have you been contacted to participate in the survey?

If you are ready to respond, please click the green button below to get started.

Did you receive an American Community Survey form? Do you have questions or concerns about completing the survey? Would you like to complete the survey over the phone?

  • Contact the Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Line at 1-800-354-7271.

Note: For callers with hearing loss, you can reach our toll-free number above using your state or national relay services (a.k.a. TRS) based on your mode of communication preference (TTY, VCO, CapTel, Videophone, etc.).

  • ¿Necesita ayuda? Llame 1-877-833-5625.
  • Contact the Regional Office for your state if you have additional issues or concerns about completing the survey.
  • Find help for survey participants for those selected to participate in Census Bureau surveys and programs.
  • If you have not found a resolution to your concern about the American Community Survey, contact the Respondent Advocate.

Do you have questions about finding or using ACS data?

  • Contact the Census Bureau Customer Help Center at 1-800-923-8282.
  • Join the ACS Data Users Group to share messages, materials, and announcements related to ACS data, methods, and events. 
  • Contact our Data Dissemination Specialists for help accessing local statistics from the ACS or to request training to help build your skills. Call 1-844-ASK-DATA (1-844-275-3282) or email census.askdata@census.gov

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Page Last Revised - April 10, 2024
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