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Age Adjustments in the 2006 ACS Single-Year Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) Files

The 2006 ACS 1-year PUMS have been revised by applying a modified age perturbation edit to these files. Age perturbation is one of several disclosure avoidance techniques used in the creation of the ACS PUMS files. It disguises original data by randomly adjusting the reported ages for a subset of individuals. As discussed in Errata Note #47, this technique in some previous years of ACS PUMS processing resulted in inconsistent sex ratios for selected age groups, especially ages 65 and over. The modified age perturbation edit was applied to people aged 65 and over to reduce inconsistencies among this group. The revised file estimates for people 65 years and older align closer to the ACS full sample by single year of age for sex ratios, social security participation, labor force participation, person income and home ownership. The sex ratio inconsistencies for persons aged 65 and over will not be seen in the 2006-2008 ACS 3-year PUMS files since the 2006 ACS 1-year PUMS files have been revised. The spreadsheet below displays sex ratio estimates from the ACS full sample and from the PUMS files for the affected years.

Page Last Revised - December 16, 2021
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