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Component ID: #ti224571252

A metadata error has been found in the RACWHT and RACSOR variables.  The following datasets were affected:

  • 2004 1-year PUMS (ACS)

RACAIAN, RACASN, RACBLK, and RACNHPI variables were also affected.

  • 2005 1-year PUMS (ACS and PRCS)

As a result, the tabulations on these variables were incorrect. Tabulations returned:

  • Zeros in the “Yes” column.
  • Incorrect data in the “No” column. Data that should have appeared in the “Yes” column actually displayed in the “No” column.

This issue only affected ACS Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) tabulations completed in DataFerrett.

The metadata error for these variables has been corrected and released.

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