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Component ID: #ti900500347

Error Tabulating 2015 ACS 1-year PUMS Variables FINCP and HINCP in DataFerrett

An error has been found when tabulating the variables FINCP and HINCP for the 2015 ACS 1-year Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) files in DataFerrett. For these variables, DataFerrett incorrectly reassigned “N/A (GQ/vacant)” (or missing) values to a value of “-6000.” For numeric variables DataFerrett requires all values, including blank values, to have a numeric value in order to correctly tabulate estimates for data users. The blank value is normally assigned a value of “-60000.” The value for HINCP and FINCP was accidentally truncated, resulting in blank values being assigned incorrectly to “-6000.”

As a result, the tabulations on these values returned:

• Zeros for “N/A (GQ/vacant)” column

• Incorrect data for "Loss of -6000"

This issue only affected ACS PUMS tabulations completed in DataFerrett. PUMS data obtained via other means, such as through American FactFinder or the FTP site, are not affected. The issue in DataFerrett for these variables has been corrected.

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