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2016-2020 ACS 5-year Estimates

Please note that the links to the tables contained here are to table shells, which are blank tables that do not contain any data. They are used for illustrative purposes to show which variables can be found in a particular table. If you are looking for data, please visit data.census.gov.

New Tables

Computer and Internet
  • Detailed Table B28012 provides estimates of computer ownership and internet subscription for the household population.  For the population aged 3 and over, it further breaks down individuals by enrollment status and grade enrolled. 
  • Three new Detailed Tables provide estimates for detailed industry for the civilian employed population 16 years and over (B24134), the civilian employed male population 16 years and over (B24135), and the civilian employed female population 16 years and over (B24136). These tables are published at the national level only.


Modified Tables

  • The row label, universe, and denominator for line 2 of table S2302 was changed from "Married-couple families" to "Opposite-sex married-couple families." Also, the percent estimate denominators for lines 3-6 of table S2302 were changed from "Married-couple families" to "Opposite-sex married-couple families." These changes were made to make the estimates more clear, to allow the estimates in lines 3-6 to add to the subtotal in line 2, and to make the percent estimates in lines 3-6 appropriate for this section of the table.
Foreign-Born Population
  • The nativity of parent tabulation was corrected to include same-sex spouses. This change affects tables B05009 and B05010.
  • The row label for “Burma” in Detailed Table B05006 was changed to “Burma (Myanmar).”
  • In Detailed Table B05006, the order of place of birth rows was updated for Northern Europe and Eastern Europe.
  • In Detailed Table B05006PR, the order of place of birth rows was updated for Central America.
Hispanic Origin
  • Revised codes were used to create Hispanic origin categories for Detailed Tables B03001, B03002, and B03003. Revised codes were also used in Data Profile DP05 and Comparison Profile CP05.
    • Detailed Tables for all other topics that are iterated by Hispanic origin, for example tables B01001H and B01001I, were also updated to use the revised codes.
Households and Families
  • Row labels were changed from “own children” to “children” affecting the following tables: B11012, CP02, CP02PR, DP02, DP02PR.
  • “Children” includes all children of the householder under 18, regardless of marital status.
Journey to Work and Migration
Mortgage Status
  • Changes were made to allow those without a mortgage to have a home equity loan. Row labels in B25081 were changed from “No second mortgage and no home equity loan” to “Housing units with no second mortgage and no home equity loan,” “Home equity loan only” to “Mortgage, with only home equity loan,” and “Second mortgage only” to “Mortgage, with only second mortgage.” A row was added to B25081 for “Housing units with only a home equity loan.”
  • A row label and estimates in S2506 were changed from “With either a second mortgage or home equity loan, but not both” to “With a mortgage and either a second mortgage or home equity loan.” A row was added to S2506 for “Home equity loan only without a primary mortgage.” Row labels for "Second mortgage only" and "Home equity loan only" were updated to "Only Second mortgage" and "Only Home equity loan," respectively. 
Year Moved In
  • Changes were made to the top end of the distribution for Year Householder Moved into Unit. The top two categories were changed from “Moved in 2017 or later” and “Moved in 2015 to 2016” to “Moved in 2019 or later” and “Moved in 2015 to 2018” to better capture recent movers, whose unique characteristics can be useful for housing analysis.



Page Last Revised - March 31, 2022
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