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Important Update:  Beginning with the release of the 2nd Quarter 2019 statistics on July 17, 2019, the format and location of the Business Formation Statistics (BFS) will change. The BFS was first released a research product in the Census Bureau’s Center for Economic Studies in February 2018. The BFS has been redesigned into a formal release to include accompanying visualizations to highlight important trends in the data, and now has a new home among the monthly and quarterly economic indicators released by the Census Bureau. Please see the new BFS website at for a sneak preview and more information on this improvement to the BFS program.

Note: All excel files contain seasonally adjusted (SA) and non-adjusted (NSA) versions of the corresponding series in separate worksheets, except for DUR4Q and DUR8Q series for which seasonality is not significant. The series BF4Q, PBF4Q, and SBF4Q are seasonally adjusted independently of each other. The same holds for the series BF8Q, PBF8Q, and SBF8Q. State files contain data by state abbreviations.

Earlier vintages: Earlier vintages of the BFS data are available upon request. The vintages are indexed by quarter, starting from the 2017q3 vintage. Please send an email to and indicate the quarter of the vintage requested.

Business Application Series (US)

Series Acronym Availability Excel File
Business Applications BA 2004q3-2019q1 BA_US.xlsx
High-Propensity Business Applications HBA 2004q3-2019q1 HBA_US.xlsx
Business Applications with Planned Wages WBA 2004q3-2019q1 WBA_US.xlsx
Business Applications from Corporations CBA 2004q3-2019q1 CBA_US.xlsx


Business Application Series (States)

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