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This series includes the number of establishments, employment during the week of March 12, first quarter payroll, and annual payroll.  In addition, the record layouts and the references for industry and geographies are available within their year.

  • U.S., States, and Counties datasets start from 1986 to current year.
  • Puerto Rico datasets start from 1998 to current year.
  • Island Areas datasets start from 2008 to current year.
  • ZIP Codes datasets start from 1994 to current year.
  • Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas datasets start from 1993 to current year.
  • Congressional District datasets start from 2013 to current year.
  • CBP and NES Combined Report datasets start from 2012 to current year.
  • CSA datasets start from 2017.

  • Complete downloadable data files in comma-separated values (CSV) format from 1986 to current year.

    Visit The National Archives to find files for years prior to 1986.

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