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Business Dynamics Statistics of U.S. Goods Traders (BDS-Goods Traders)

The Business Dynamics Statistics of U.S. Goods Traders (BDS-Goods Traders) is an experimental data product extending the Business Dynamics Statistics program. BDS-Goods Traders provides annual measures of business dynamics by four mutually exclusive goods-trading classifications: exporter only, importer only, exporter and importer, non-trader.


BDS-Goods Traders data tables show key economic data:

  • Employment – job creation and destruction
  • Job expansions and contractions
  • Number of establishments and firms
  • Establishment openings and closings
  • Number of startups and firm shutdowns


The BDS-Goods Traders series provides annual statistics for 1992 to 2019 by:

  • Economy-wide
  • Firm size
  • Initial firm size
  • Firm age
  • Division
  • 4-digit NAICS


Data Sources

The BDS-Goods Traders is a product of the U.S. Census Bureau. The BDS-Goods Traders was developed by the Center for Economic Studies (CES). The BDS data are compiled from the Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) and firms’ trading status is obtained from the Longitudinal Firm Trade Transactions Database (LFTTD). The LBD is a longitudinal database of business establishments and firms with coverage starting in 1976. The LFTTD identifies the firms that undertake cross-border merchandise transactions (exports and imports) with coverage starting in 1992. As additional years of the LBD and LFTTD become available, the BDS-Goods Traders will be updated.

Questions?  Contact us at ces.bds@census.gov.


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