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Experimental Business Dynamics Statistics (EXP-BDS)

Experimental Data Products

Experimental Business Dynamics Statistics (EXP-BDS)

The Center for Economic Studies (CES) is extending the Longitudinal Business Database (LBD), by matching additional datasets from a variety of sources. CES is developing a suite of experimental Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS) products using these newly linked data. These products expand and improve the LBD/BDS data infrastructure and provide additional public use information about how firm characteristics relate to employment flows.

Experimental BDS data products are released on a rolling basis, with the following data products currently in research phase:

  • BDS-Single Unit Firms (releasing December 2022)
  • BDS-Globally Engaged Firms: Service Traders
  • BDS-Globally Engaged Firms: Multinationals
  • BDS-Revenue
  • BDS-Innovative Firms: Patenting
  • BDS-Innovative Firms: Trademarking
  • BDS-High Growth
  • BDS-SBA Covid Response
  • BDS-Firm Finance
  • BDS-Human Capital

Available EXP-BDS Data Products

BDS-Globally Engaged Firms: Goods Traders: Released December 2021; updated November 2022

BDS-Innovative Firms: High Tech: Released November 2022

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