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Now Available: 2020 Post-Enumeration Survey (PES) Results for the 50 states and District of Columbia.

2020 Demographic Analysis Background Materials

Preparation for the 2020 Demographic Analysis involved planning, exploring new data sources, conducting research, hosting workshops with technical experts, presenting research at conferences, and other activities. Below are some of the background materials created during the process of developing the 2020 Demographic Analysis estimates.

Conference Presentations

Ahmed, Bashir. Eric B. Jensen. and Sandy Colby. 2016. “2020 Demographic Analysis: Estimates of the Asian and Pacific Islander Population.” Presented at the 2018 annual meetings of the Population Association of America. Washington, DC.

Jensen, Eric B. 2019. “The 2020 Demographic Analysis Program.” Fall meeting of the Census Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC). September 12-13, 2019. Suitland, Maryland.

Jensen, Eric. B., and Kasey Eickmeyer. 2019. “Assigning Race and Ethnicity to Birth Records Using a CPS-Based Kidlink Method.” Presented at the Population Association of America Annual Meetings (poster session). Austin, TX.

Jensen, Eric. B., Lauren Medina, and Heather King. 2019. “An Age-Period-Cohort Analysis of Census Net Coverage Error from 1940 to 2010 Using Demographic Analysis.” Paper presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings. Denver, Colorado.

Jensen, Eric. B., Megan Benetsky, and Anthony Knapp. 2018. “A Sensitivity Analysis of the Net Undercount for Young Hispanic Children in the 2010 Census.” Presented at the 2018 annual meetings of the Population Association of America. Denver, Colorado.

King, Heather, David Ihrke, and J. Gregory Robinson. 2019. “Differential Coverage Patterns in the Census by Race: Preparing for 2020 Demographic Analysis by Examining Race Allocation in Births.” Paper presented at the Population Association of America Annual Meetings. Austin, TX.

Medina, Lauren, Demetric Sewell, and Eric B. Jensen. 2018. “Testing the Hypothesis of Similar Errors: Evaluating 80 Years of Demographic Analysis Estimates”. Presented at the 2018 annual meetings of the Population Association of America. Denver, Colorado.

Research Partners

We worked closely with researchers both internal and external to the Census Bureau to get feedback on the data and methods used to produce the 2020 DA estimates. The 2020 DA Research Partners include demographers, sociologists, and economists from within the Census Bureau as well as universities, other state and federal agencies, and research centers. This group provided feedback about the data and methods used to produce the 2020 DA estimates. We held a technical workshop in June 2018 with the partners to discuss our research plan. Then in June 2020, we held a virtual technical workshop to solicit feedback on the proposed methodology for the 2020 DA estimates. In addition, we held regular webinars with the research partners. Below is the list of the 2020 DA Research Partners by main subject area and affiliation.


Demographic Analysis (General)

Gregg Robinson, U.S. Census Bureau (retired)
Jason Devine, U.S. Census Bureau
Bill O'Hare, O'Hare Data and Demographic Services, LLC


Brady Hamilton, National Center for Health Statistics
Luke Rogers, U.S. Census Bureau
Viktoria Riiman, California Department of Finance


Irma Elo, University of Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Arias, National Center for Health Statistics
Jana Johnson, University of Minnesota

Net International Migration

Katharine Donato, Georgetown University
Jenny Van Hook, Penn State University
Bryan Baker, Office of Immigration Statistics
Jeff Passel, Pew Research Centers
Jason Schachter, U.S. Census Bureau


Wan He, U.S. Census Bureau
Kirsten West, U.S. Census Bureau (retired)

Race and Hispanic Origin

Richard Alba, City University of New York
Carolyn Liebler, University of Minnesota
Roberto Ramirez, U.S. Census Bureau
Nicholas Jones, U.S. Census Bureau


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