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Decennial Census P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data

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P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data

Public Law (P.L.) 94-171, enacted by Congress in December 1975, requires the Census Bureau to provide states the opportunity to identify the small area geography for which they need data in order to conduct legislative redistricting. The law also requires the U.S. Census Bureau to furnish tabulations of population to each state, including for those small areas the states have identified, within one year of Census day.

Since the first Census Redistricting Data Program, conducted as part of the 1980 census, the U.S. Census Bureau has included summaries for the major race groups specified by the Statistical Programs and Standards Office of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in Directive 15 (as issued in 1977 and revised in 1997). Originally, the tabulation groups included White, Black, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Asian/Pacific Islander, plus “some other race.” These race data were also cross-tabulated by Hispanic/Non-Hispanic origin. At the request of the state legislatures and the Department of Justice, for the 1990 Census Redistricting Data Program, voting age (18 years old and over) was added to the cross-tabulation of race and Hispanic origin. For the 2000 Census, these categories were revised to the current categories used today.

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Census 2000 (P.L. 94-171) Redistricting Data Summary Files

The Census 2000 (P.L. 94-171) Redistricting Data Summary Files contain tabulations for:

  • Table PL001 - Race
  • Table PL002 - Hispanic or Latino, and not Hispanic or Latino by Race
  • Table PL003 - Race for the Population18 Years and Over
  • Table PL004 - Hispanic or Latino, and not Hispanic or Latino by Race for the Population 18 Years and Over

To access the Census 2000 (P.L. 94-171) Redistricting Data Summary Files:

  • Use data.census.gov to access tables from the Census 2000 (P.L. 94-171) Redistricting Data Summary File. 
  • Use the Census Bureau FTP site to download each state's full Summary File.

.pdf Census 2000 P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data Summary File Technical Documentation (English) [4.8 MB]
This is the English version of the technical documentation for the P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data tabulations from Census 2000.
Page Last Revised - April 5, 2023
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