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Decennial Census of Population and Housing Questionnaires & Instructions

Here you will learn whether an archive of past questionnaires - also known as schedules or forms – is available online. Many of our surveys now offer an online response in place of completing and mailing a printed form.

2000 Census
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2000 Census

The 2000 census short form asked eight questions to all respondents. The long form, which combined housing and population questions into a single questionnaire, asked an additional 45 questions, All respondents were asked Questions 1 - 6 and Question 33.


The short form contained only seven questions, the shortest census questionnaire since 1820. The long form asked 52 questions of approximately 1 in 6 households (approximately a 17 percent sample of the population). In previous censuses, responses to the race question were limited to a single category; in 2000, for the first time, respondents could check as many boxes as necessary to identify their race. A 1996 law mandated a new question on grandparents as care givers. Questions on disability were expanded to include hearing and vision impairment and problems with learning, remembering or concentrating. Questions on children ever born, source of water, sewage disposal and condominium status, were dropped; the 1990 census short form question on rent and property value became a long form question.

Index of Questions

2000 Questionnaire

The 2000 census collected the following information, listed by question number:

  1. Name
  2. What is this person's telephone number?
  3. Sex
  4. Age and date of birth
  5. Is this person of Spanish/Hispanic/Latino?
  6. Race
  7. Marital Status
    1. At any time since February 1, 2000, has this person attended regular school or college?
    2. If yes, what grade or level was this person attending?
  8. What is the highest degree or level of school this person has completed?
  9. What is this person's ancestry or ethnic origin?
    1. Does this person speak a language other than English at home?
    2. What is this language?
    3. How well does this person speak English?
  10. What state or country was this person from?
  11. Is this person a citizen of the United States?
  12. If the person was not born in the United States, when did he come to live in the United States?
    1. Did this person live in this house or apartment 5 years ago?
    2. Where did this person live 5 years ago?
  13. Does this person have any of the following long-lasting conditions:
    1. Blindness, deafness, or a severe vision or hearing impairment?
    2. A condition that substantially limits one or more basic physical activities such as walking, climbing stairs, reaching, lifting, or carrying?
  14. Because of a physical, mental, or emotional condition lasting six months or more, does this person have any difficulty in doing any of the following activities:
    1. Learning, remembering, or concentrating?
    2. Dressing, bathing, getting around inside the home?
    3. If the person is 16 years or older, going outside the home alone to shop or visit a doctor's office
    4. If the person is 16 years or older, working at a job or business
  15. Was this person under 15 years of age on April 1, 2000?
    1. If yes, skip to Question 33
    1. Does this person have any of his/her own grandchildren under the age of 18 living in this house or apartment?
    2. If yes, is this grandparent currently responsible for most of the basic needs of any grandchildren under the age of 18 who live in this house or apartment?
    3. How long has this grandparent been responsible for these grandchildren?
    1. Has this person ever served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces, military Reserves, or National Guard?
    2. When did this person serve on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces?
      1. April 1995 or later
      2. August 1990 to March 1995 (including Persian Gulf War)
      3. September 1980 to July 1990
      4. May 1975 to August 1980
      5. Vietnam era (August 1964 - April 1975)
      6. February 1955 - July 1964
      7. Korean conflict (June 1950 - January 1955)
      8. World War II (September 1940 - July 1947)
      9. Any other time
    3. In total, how many years of active-duty military service has this person had?
  16. Last week, did this person do any work for either pay or profit?
  17. At what location did this person work last week?
    1. How did this person usually get to work last week?
      1. Car, truck, or van
      2. Bus or trolley bus
      3. Streetcar or trolley car
      4. Subway or elevated
      5. Railroad
      6. Ferryboat
      7. Taxicab
      8. Motorcycle
      9. Bicycle
      10. Walked only
      11. Worked at home
      12. Other
    2. If the person used a car, truck, or van, how many people, including this person, usually rode to work in the same vehicle last week?
    1. What time did this person usually leave home to go to work last week?
    2. How many minutes did it usually take this person to get from home to work last week?
    1. Last week, was this person on layoff from a job?
    2. Last week, was this person temporarily absent from a job or business?
    3. If on layoff, has this person been informed that he or she will be recalled to work within the next 6 months or been given a date to return to work?
    4. If no, has this person been looking for work during the last 4 weeks?
    5. Last week, could this person have started a job if offered one, or returned to work if recalled?
  18. When did this person last work, even for a few days?
  19. Industry or Employer
    1. For whom did this person work?
    2. What kind of business or industry was this?
    3. Is this job mainly...
      1. Manufacturing
      2. Wholesale trade
      3. Retail trade
      4. Other
  20. Occupation
    1. What kind of work was this person doing?
    2. What were this person's most important activities or duties?
  21. Was this person-
    1. Employee of a private for profit company, business, or individual, for wages, salary, or commissions
    2. Employee of a private not-for-profit, tax-exempt, or charitable organization
    3. Local government employee
    4. State government employee
    5. Federal government employee
    6. Self-employed in own not incorporated business
    7. Self-employed in own incorporated business
    8. Working without pay in family business or farm
    1. Last year, 1999, did this person work at a job or business at any time?
    2. How many weeks did this person work in 1999?
    3. During the weeks worked in 1999, how many hours did this person usually work each week?
  22. Income in 1999-
    1. Wages, salary, commissions, bonuses, or tips from all jobs
    2. Self-employment income from own non-farm businesses or farm businesses, including proprietorship and partnership
    3. Interest, dividends, net rental income or royalty income, or income from estates and trusts
    4. Social Security or Railroad Retirement
    5. Supplemental Security (SSI)
    6. Any public assistance or welfare payments from the state or local welfare offices
    7. Retirement, survivor, or disability pensions
    8. Any other sources of income received regularly such as Veterans' (VA) payments, unemployment compensation, child support, or alimony
  23. What was this person's total income in 1989?
  24. Is this house, apartment, or mobile home-
    1. Owned by you or someone in this household with a mortgage or loan?
    2. Owned by you or someone in this household free and clear (without a mortgage or loan)?
    3. Rented for cash rent?
    4. Occupied without payment of cash rent?
  25. Which best describes this building?
    1. A mobile home or trailer
    2. A one-family house detached from any other house
    3. A one-family house attached to one or more houses
    4. A building for 2 families
    5. A building for 3 or 4 families
    6. A building for 5 to 9 families
    7. A building for 10 to 19 families
    8. A building for 20 to 49 families
    9. A building for 50 or more families
    10. Boat, RV, van, etc.
  26. About when was this building first built?
  27. When did this person move into this house, apartment, or mobile home?
  28. How many rooms do you have in this house, apartment, or mobile home?
  29. How many bedrooms do you have in this house, apartment or mobile home??
  30. Do you have complete plumbing facilities in this house, apartment or mobile home?
  31. Do you have complete kitchen facilities in this house, apartment or mobile home?
  32. Is there telephone service available in this house, apartment, or mobile home from which you can both make and receive calls?
  33. Which fuel is used most for heating this house or apartment?
    1. Gas from underground pipes serving the neighborhood
    2. Gas: bottled, tank, or LP
    3. Electricity
    4. Fuel oil, kerosene, etc.
    5. Coal or coke
    6. Wood
    7. Solar energy
    8. Other fuel
    9. No fuel used
  34. How many automobiles, vans, and trucks of one-tone capacity or less are kept at home for use by members of your household?
  35. If this is a one family house or mobile home-
    1. Is there a business (such as a store or barber shop) on the property?
    2. How many acres is this house or mobile home on?
    3. in 1999, what were the actual sales of all agricultural products from this property?
  36. What are the yearly costs of utilities and fuels for this house apartment, or mobile home?
    1. Electricity
    2. Gas
    3. Water
    4. Oil, coal, kerosene, wood, etc.
  37. If you pay rent-
    1. What is the monthly rent?
    2. Does the monthly rent include any meals?

Answer Questions 47 - 53 only if you or someone in this household owns or is buying this house, apartment, or mobile home

    1. Do you have a mortgage, deed or trust, contract to purchase, or similar debt on this property?
    2. If yes, how much is your regular monthly mortgage payment on this house?
    3. Does your regular monthly mortgage payment include payments from real estate taxes on this property?
    1. Do you have a second mortgage or a home equity loan on this property?
    2. How much is your regular monthly payment on all second or junior mortgages and all home equity loans on this property?
  1. What were the real estate taxes on this property last year?
  2. What was the annual payment for fire, hazard, and flood insurance on this property?
  3. What is the value of this property? That is, how much do you think this house and lot, apartment, or mobile home and lot would sell for if it were on sale?
  4. If this property is a condominium, what is the monthly condominium fee?
  5. If this property is a mobile home-
    1. Do you have an installment loan or contract on this mobile home?
    2. What was the total cost for installment loan payments, personal property taxes, site rent, registration fees, and license fees on this mobile home and its site last year?

Page Last Revised - November 23, 2021
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