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Economic Census Errata Notes

When errors are discovered, the Census Bureau reports the issue, corrects the error, and re-releases the file. In addition to errata notes, there may be user notes to give caution, discuss weighting and estimation, explain variables, and so on.

Learn more about errors and corrections related to the Economic Census, see the list below of each reissued file with the date of reissue and a brief description. All revisions are available on data.census.gov.

After analysis and processing, data values are occasionally revised and updated.

  • If a number changes and differs greater than a certain percentage of the initial value, then a new value will be released with an '(r)' after it to signify the revision.
  • If a number changes and differs less than a certain percentage of the initial value, then there is no notice of revision.
  • The threshold varies on the sector or program that produced the data.

Note: Revisions are only applied when data in a particular table are reissued due to the identification of an error. Preliminary data that are released in one table and then released later in another table do not get an '(r)' flag, even if they have changed.

Page Last Revised - January 24, 2023
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