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State Legislative District Maps File Naming Convention

Component ID: #ti124908033

The file names for the State Legislative District Reference Maps are composed as follows:



<bdy_id> = 4 character alphanumeric code indicating boundary delineation cycle

  • 'DC10' indicates boundaries delineated as a result of the 2010 Census
  • 'PP14' indicates boundaries delineated for the 2014 election cycle
  • 'PP16' indicates boundaries delineated for the 2016 election cycle
  • 'PP18' indicated boundaries delineated for the 2018 election cycle

<type> = 4 character SLD type indicator

  • 'SLDU' indicates Upper Chamber
  • 'SLDL' indicates Lower Chamber

<ss> = 2 digit state code

<ddd> = 3 digit SLD code

<###> = map sheet number

  • '000' = Index sheet
  • '001' – '999' = Map sheets

Example file names:

DC10SLDL09001_001.pdf = Connecticut State House District 1, map sheet 1

DC10SLDU17055_000.pdf = Illinois State Senate District 5, index sheet

DC10SLDU17055_004.pdf = Illinois State Senate District 5, map sheet 4

NOTE:  For Puerto Rico only, when ‘SP’ is included as part of the filename (DC10SLDUSP and DC10SLDLSP), it indicates the Spanish version of the map.

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