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The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) annually produces income estimates for counties and states. The BEA makes estimates of total personal income and of personal income aggregates by source. We use BEA data in three ways. First, the growth of personal income and the proportion of total income derived from government transfers are used as predictor variables in the model of county median household income. Second, we use the data to categorize counties by growth in personal income per household and use those data for model evaluations. Third, we use the reported SNAP dollar amounts to synthetically split out a small set of SNAP county data that are jointly reported across counties.

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Changes to County-Level Entities

The definition and inventory of county-level entities change on an irregular basis, based on the decisions of state and local governments. SAIPE provides estimates for all county-level entities (excluding Kalawao, Hawaii) that have been in effect for a full calendar year of American Community Survey sample. For the 2014 period, substantial changes occurred, affecting county-level entities in the state of Alaska and Virginia. For details of those changes, please refer to the Substantial Changes to Counties and County Equivalent Entities.

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