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Survey of Income and Program Participation Working Papers

Census Bureau research made available to others to encourage discussion on a range of topics, by release year.

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Working Paper
Medical Out-of-Pocket Expenses, Poverty, and the Uninsured
This research offers three general refinements to incorporate MOOP expenditures into the poverty measure.

Working Paper
Using SIPP to Gauge the Behavior of TANF Recipients
Examines the behaviors of welfare recipients as they pertain to meeting the fundamental goal of Welfare Reform.

Working Paper
Using SIPP to Gauge the Behavior of Welfare Recipients
This paper examines the behaviors of welfare recipients as they pertain to meeting the fundamental goal of Welfare Reform.

Working Paper
The Duration and Tenure of Residence, 1996 to 2009
This paper reports on the home ownership status of a housing unit (tenure) and the length of time that people stay in one place (residential duration).

Working Paper
TANF Participation and Employment in SIPP (2004-2007)
This paper examines trends in TANF receipt and employment among women ages 18 to 64 annually from 2004 to 2007.

Working Paper
Using Administrative Record Data to Describe SIPP Response Errors
The SIPP Record Check Study uses administrative record data to describe and model errors in SIPP responses for a variety of income sources and programs.

Working Paper
Proxy Reports: Results from a Record Check Study
To save time and money, and reduce nonresponse, survey practitioners often opt to accept some data from proxies.

Working Paper
Implications for Measurement Principles and Practice
This paper reports on the results of a record check study evaluating measurement errors in the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP).

Working Paper
Development of Procedures and Initial Test Results
This paper describes the development and initial testing of experimental data collection procedures for the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP).

Working Paper
Using Administrative Record Data to Evaluate Survey Estimates
The basic datum of SIPP is monthly income, which is reported for each month of the four-month reference period preceding the interview month.

Working Paper
Evaluation of the Marital Events Items on the ACS
This paper is released to inform interested parties of ongoing research and to encourage discussion of work in progress.

Working Paper
Month-to-Month Recipiency Turnover in the ISDP
This paper investigates “seam bias” – a tendency for reported change to occur much more frequently in the “seam” between two successive survey waves.

Working Paper
Wave 8 Adult Well-Being Topical Module
This report summarizes the results of a cognitive interview evaluation of the wave 8 “Adult Well-Being” topical module of the SIPP.

Working Paper
The SIPP Cognitive Research Evaluation Experiment
Census research staff developed new, experimental survey procedures, based on cognitive theory and research, to reduce response errors in the SIPP.

Working Paper
Children's Coresidence with Half Siblings
A substantial proportion of children will live with half siblings during their childhood, and tend to fare worse on some measures of child well being.

Working Paper
The buffer stock model of money demand: evidence from panel data
This study empirically shows that the speed of adjustment is fast at the microeconomic level.

Working Paper
Measurement Errors in SIPP Program Reports
An administrative record check of program participation reporting in the first two SIPP interviews.

Working Paper
Experimental Modern Poverty Measures 2007
This paper presents some new developments in the experimental poverty measure series prepared by the Census Bureau.

Working Paper
Job Retention During Two Recessions
The amount of economic activity in the United States has fluctuated widely over the past decade.

Working Paper
Longitudinal Analysis of Labor Market Performance of the Working Poor
This study uses ten waves of SIPP to analyze labor market performance of those employed at the bottom of the labor market during a period of economic expansion.

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