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The variables describing the reason a person did not have health insurance coverage for at least one month are not being released on the public use files.  These variables had small sample sizes and relatively high imputation rates.  We suspect high imputation rates partly reflect challenges within the instrument in accurately determining when a respondent was without a given type of coverage during the reference period.  The variables not released include:  EYNOPRI_CON, EYNOPRI_COV, EYNOPRI_ELG, EYNOPRI_ELS, EYNOPRI_EXP, EYNOPRI_HTH, EYNOPRI_MIS, EYNOPRI_OTH, EYNOPRI_UNH, EYNOPUB_CON, EYNOPUB_ELG, EYNOPUB_ELS, EYNOPUB_HTH, EYNOPUB_MIS, EYNOPUB_OTH, and EYNOPUB_UNH.

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