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A typical Census Bureau visualization is a visual presentation of data made with charts, tables, maps, and other graphic elements. Visualizations are often interactive and contain text for labeling, but do not have the narrative text of infographics. Like infographics, they are effective because they simplify information and make use of the human ability to see patterns and trends.

Most of our visualizations can be shared, embedded, downloaded, and printed. We provide source and methodology information.

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Annual Business Applications by State and County
View how the number of business applications has changed over the years by state and county.
Monthly State Retail Sales
View year-over-year change in monthly state retail sales for different NAICS sectors.
U.S. Census Bureau Building Permits Survey
View new privately owned housing unit authorizations.
Celebrating July 4th
This graphic shows selected patriotic-sounding places with populations over 2,500 as of July 1, 2023.
Business Trends and Outlook Survey Data
The BTOS provides insight into the state of the economy by providing timely data for key economic measures and business expectations about future conditions.
Cannabis Excise Sales Tax
View quarterly tax revenue for cannabis excise sales tax by state.
Business Formation Statistics (BFS)
View multiple interactive Business Formation Statistics (BFS) visualizations.
Business Formation Statistics by State
View high-propensity business applications and their quarter-to-quarter changes from 2018 Q4 to 2019 Q1.
Global Market Finder: An Interactive Tool for U.S. Exporters
View exports for U.S. goods by Schedule B commodity codes.
A Snapshot of the Nation's Housing Stock
View how housing unit estimates for states have changed using this visualization.
Public Sector Employees per 10,000 People: 2023
View the states with the most public sector employees per 10,000 people for 2023.
Top Annual Imports and Exports Through Port of Baltimore: 2023
Each year, billions of dollars worth of goods are imported and exported through the Port of Baltimore. The closure of this port will disrupt supply chains of a number of different products.
2022 Economic Census: First Look
This visualization shows data from the 2022 Economic Census.
Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Business Operations Visualizations (2022)
Robotics Capital Expenditures for Selected Industries: 2020-2022
View robotics capital expenditures for food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing, and more for 2020 through 2022.
Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage
Firms, employees, receipts and payroll as a percentage of national totals.
Capital Expenditures for Selected Industry Sectors: 2020-2022
Total capital expenditures in 2022 were $1,899.9 billion, an increase of 12.9 percent from 2021.
2022 Annual Capital Expenditures Survey Visualizations
Snack Food and Beverages - Manufacturing Stats for the Big Game
This visualization shows Snack Food and Beverages Manufacturing Stats for the BIG GAME
Ownership Share of all Businesses by Demographics
View ownership share of all businesses by sex, ethnicity, minority status, and veteran status for 2018 to 2020.
Annual Retail Trade Survey: 2021 and 2022
View percent change in sales from 2021 to 2022 for U.S. retailers.
U.S. Merchant Wholesalers: 2021 and 2022
View 2021 and 2022 estimates for U.S. merchant wholesalers (excluding manufacturers' sales branches and offices) from the Annual Wholesale Trade Survey.
Profitability of Employer Firms by Race of Owner(s) in 2022
The infographic shows the profitability of employer businesses by race.
Page Last Revised - October 8, 2021
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