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Celebrate Manufacturing Week

U.S. Census Bureau joins a group of public and private organizations in celebrating the importance of the manufacturing sector of the nation’s economy

Celebrate Manufacturing Week

Manufacturing Week

What is Manufacturing Week?

Manufacturing Week is a celebration by the U.S. Census Bureau that expands upon the traditional Manufacturing Day launched by the Manufacturing Institute in 2011 on the first Friday of October.

On this page, you will find valuable manufacturing statistics and data products featuring a wide range of resources, including America Counts stories, data, data tools, visualizations, training resources and news. Additionally, historical facts about manufacturing will be posted on all social media channels throughout the week.

We will also highlight careers in manufacturing, encouraging thousands of companies and educational institutions around the nation to open their doors to students, parents, teachers, and community leaders.

Join the U.S. Census Bureau as we celebrate the 12th anniversary of Manufacturing Day by providing a week’s worth of rich content and statistics that inform communities, businesses, and policymakers.

Data Spotlight

The 2021 Annual Capital Expenditures for Robotic Equipment provides national-level estimates of capital expenditures for robotic equipment, based on the 2017 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), at the two-digit and select three- and four-digit NAICS levels from the Annual Capital Expenditures Survey.

For the latest manufacturing data, check out the Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories, & Orders (M3) providing information on value of shipments and new orders and the Quarterly Financial Report (QFR), providing quarterly aggregate statistics on the financial results and position of U.S. manufacturing corporations.

The 2021 Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM) data are now available. The ASM provided data at the two- through six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) levels on employment, payroll, cost of materials, operating expenses, shipments and receipts for services, value added and inventories.

For the most detailed data on manufacturing, see the 2017 Economic Census data by state through our interactive map. Simply click on a state and access the state and local area data through data.census.gov. Additionally, data from the 2022 Economic Census will be released starting next year.

Annual Integrated Economic Survey

In September, the Census Bureau launched a limited scope collection of its newest survey, the 2022 Annual Integrated Economic Survey (AIES). The AIES will provide key yearly measures of economic activity, including the only comprehensive national and subnational data on business revenues, employment, expenses and assets on an annual basis. More information about the AIES is available in our 2022 Annual Integrated Economic Survey tip sheet.  



Economic Indicators
A curated collection of indicators and statistics for our Manufacturing Day participants.
Annual Data
A collection of data that students and teachers can use for Manufacturing Day learning.
Economic Census and Business Demographic Data
A focus on economic and business data that highlights Manufacturing Day interests.
Manufacturing Visualizations
Data made visual with charts, tables, maps, and other graphic elements. They are often interactive and contain text for labeling, not narration.
Manufacturing Stories
Find stories on the topic of Manufacturing.
Manufacturing Training
Training presentations about manufacturing data and data products, and how to understand the data.
Manufacturing Library
Online collections of audio, infographics, photos, publications, videos, working papers, etc. The Census Bureau Library in Suitland, MD, is open to the public.
Manufacturing Data Tools
Interactive applications, created by the Census Bureau, to help you customize, and even visualize, statistics from multiple censuses, surveys, and programs.
Experimental Data Products
Innovative statistical products created using new data sources or methodologies that benefit data users in the absence of other relevant products.
Manufacturing News
Here you will find news and updates related to Manufacturing. Visit the Newsroom for news releases published by the Census Bureau.
Manufacturing Data
Sources are the Census Bureau and other federal agencies, if applicable. For additional Manufacturing data, please visit the subtopic pages.
2022 Economic Census
The Economic Census is the most comprehensive measure of the U.S. economy, providing industry and market statistics at the national, state, and local levels.

Help Us Spread the Word!

Help us spread the word about Manufacturing Week (October 2-6, 2023) and Census Bureau Economic data! We encourage you to tag the Census Bureau and include a link to our posts whenever possible.

  • Use the hashtags #MFGDay23 and #CensusEconData in your social media posts
  • Follow the Census Bureau on social media

Other Subtopics Within 'Business and Economy'

Business Counts

Businesses are the pulse of our economy and serve as important barometers of the economic health of the economy.

Business and Owner Characteristics

Businesses and their owners are as diverse as the people of this nation. Understanding these details are essential to interpreting our national economy

Business and Workforce Dynamics

Businesses and their workforces are continually expanding and contracting. Tracking these dynamics provides us with a better understanding of the U.S. economy.

Economic Census

The Economic Census is the official five-year measure of American businesses providing comprehensive statistics at the national, state, and local levels. Follow the 2022 Economic Census release schedule for additional information.

Economic Indicators

The Census Bureau produces monthly and quarterly snapshots of key sectors within the U.S. economy.

Expenses and Expenditures

Capital and Operating expenses provides detailed information on such items as structures, equipment, software, health insurance, R & D, and payroll.


Product inventories, including raw materials, partially finished products, and more.

Measuring Technology and the Economy (Tech Stats)

Tech Stats centralizes Census Bureau data collections and research products that focus on technology and measuring technology's impact on the economy.

Sales, Receipts, Shipments, or Production

Information on sales and production over a given time period. View data from the monthly Economic Indicator in the Indicator briefing room.

Search or Browse for NAICS codes

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments.

Search or Browse for NAPCS codes

NAPCS is a comprehensive, market- or demand-based, hierarchical classification system for products (goods and services) that is not industry-of-origin based.

Small Business

Use detailed statistics about U.S. businesses that are essential to help small businesses succeed and grow.

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