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Small businesses and entrepreneurs need data to make informed decisions about opening or growing a business.  The Census Bureau’s business statistics profile firms with and without paid employees by NAICS industry for varying levels of geography. 


Here you will find detailed statistics about U.S. businesses.  Statistics are available on the characteristics of the businesses: NAICS industry, geographic location,  size, age, and much more. 

Businesses are dynamic and the Census Bureau produces extensive information quarterly and annually about how firms with employees change in terms of their location, structure, employment, and jobs.  Information about business births, deaths, job flows, and worker characteristics highlight the ever-changing business environment.

Data tools make it easy for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to use Census Bureau demographic and economic statistics to grow their businesses and compare their operations with other businesses in their geographic area or industry.


Small Business covers all domestic, private, non-farm businesses including businesses with and without paid employees.  The statistics cover most NAICS industries, but generally exclude crop and animal production; rail transportation; the Postal Service; funds, trusts, and estates; private households; and public administration including most government activities.


Statistics for businesses with paid employees are presented by industry (NAICS sector, subsector, industry group or industry) and geographic area (U.S., state, county, metro/micro areas, and places).  The industry and geographic detail may vary among different statistical programs.

Data generally includes information on the number of firms, establishments, first quarter employment and payroll, and annual payroll.  Some programs include additional information on receipts, job creation and destruction, establishment births and deaths, firm startups and shutdowns, firm age, and size categories.  A few programs provide information about business owner and worker characteristics.

Statistics about business without any paid employees, often referred to as nonemployers are available in the annual Nonemployer Statistics program and the Nonemployer Statistics by Demographics.  Information is available by industry and geographic area.  Data include information on the number of firms, receipts, and receipts size.  The Annual Business Survey provides economic and demographic characteristics for business and business owners by sex, ethnicity, race, and veteran status.  

Page Last Revised - March 10, 2022
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