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A branch of the Texas Research Data Center, the UT-Austin lab provides researchers in the central Texas area with approved projects in a secure research environment to access federal statistical data. It is located in the Population Research Center within the CLA building on the University of Texas – Austin Campus. It is supported by the Office of the Vice President for Research, College of Liberal Arts, Population Research Center, Department of Economics, McCombs School of Business, and the Population Health Initiative.

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Executive Director

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R. Kelly Raley

R. Kelly Raley holds the Christine and Stanley E. Adams, Jr. Centennial Professorship in Liberal Arts and is  Professor of Sociology as well as Associate Director of the Population Research Center at the University of Texas—Austin. A social demographer, her research focuses on family change.

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Contact Information

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Abe Barranca, Administrator                       
UT Austin Research Data Center

Population Research Center
305 E 23rd St. Stop G1800
Austin, TX 78712-1699


Email: Abe Barranca

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Partner Institutions

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The operation of each Federal Statistical Research Data Center (RDC) is supported by both the Census Bureau and RDC partner institutions. Some RDC partner institutions form consortiums to share the operational costs of the RDC and may waive user fees for their affiliates. Several RDCs have built branch locations to reduce the cost of researchers commuting to the core location while still maintaining the identical stringent information technology and physical security requirements.

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