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Subject/Topic Contacts

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Annual Business Survey (ABS)

Business Expenditures

  • Telephone: 301-763-3315

Business Help Site

Business Investment

Business R&D and Innovation Survey

Capital Expenditures

Census Advisory Committees Office

Census Information Centers (CIC)


Census Records (Age search) - Staff (NPC)

  • Telephone: 812-218-3046

Center for Economic Studies (CES)

Company Statistics

Conference Staff

  • Telephone: 301-763-2308

Confidentiality and Privacy (Privacy Office)

  • Telephone: 301-763-6560

County Business Patterns

Correspondence Quality Assurance Office

  • Telephone: 301-763-2501

Current Industrial Reports

Economic Census

Economic Census of Island Areas

Foreign Trade

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

  • Telephone: 763-4207


History Staff

  • Telephone: 301-763-4636

Industry and Commodity Classification

  • Telephone: 301-763-2790

International Programs Center    

Legal Office

  • Telephone: 301-763-2918


  • Telephone: 301-763-6100


  • Telephone: 301-763-2511

Mail Lists

Medical Expenditure Panel Survey


Nonemployer Statistics

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

Public Information Office

Quarterly Financial Report (QFR)

Report of Organization Survey

Service Annual Survey

Statistical Research

  • Telephone: 301-763-1030

Statistics of U.S. Businesses

Survey of Business Owners (SBO)

Page Last Revised - May 1, 2023
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