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2017 National Population Projections Tables

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2017 National Population Projections Tables

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Projections for the United States: 2017 to 2060

The 2017 population projections for the United States are the third set of projections based on the 2010 Census. Prior series based on the 2010 Census were released in 2012 and 2014.

The 2017 population projections series updates the prior series released in 2014, which was the first to incorporate separate assumptions about the fertility of native and foreign-born women living in the United States, since the latter tend to have higher fertility rates. The 2017 series extends this work and for the first time accounts for the generally lower mortality rates and longer life expectancy of the foreign-born. By including assumptions about the mortality of native and foreign-born people, the 2017 projections better account for the effects of international migration on the population of the United States.

This projections series uses the official estimates of the resident population on July 1, 2016 as the base for projecting the U.S. population from 2017 to 2060. The series uses the cohort-component method and historical trends in births, deaths, and international migration to project the future size and composition of the national population.

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Errata Note:

The 2017 National Population Projections were revised after their original release date to correct an error in infant mortality rates. The files were removed from the website on August 1, 2018 and an erratum note posted. The error incorrectly calculated infant mortality rates, which erroneously caused an increase in the number of deaths projected in the total population. Correcting the error in infant mortality results in a decrease in the number of deaths and a slight increase in the total projected population in the revised series. The error did not affect the other two components of population change in the projections series (fertility and migration). Major demographic trends, such as an aging population and an increase in racial and ethnic diversity, remain unchanged.   

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Summary Tables

Projections by age and sex composition of the population

Additional File Formats

Additional file formats for the summary tables (XLS and CSV) can be accessed in our archives.

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