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2018 State Legislative District Reference Maps

The State Legislative District (SLD) Reference maps display the boundaries, names, and/or codes of State Legislative Districts in effect for the 2018 election cycle (refer to the Census Redistricting Data Program webpage and the user note on Congressional and State Legislative Districts in Geographic Products for more information). Six states (Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Utah) and the District of Columbia delineated new boundaries for the 2018 election cycle. New maps were created only for the District of Columbia and the states with SLD changes. All other states continue to maintain their previous state legislative district boundaries.

Two separate map types make up this series: one that displays State Legislative Districts – Upper Chamber (SLDUs) and one that displays State Legislative Districts – Lower Chamber (SLDLs). Each of these maps shows the extent of the subject State Legislative District, as well as the surrounding SLDs of the same type.

In addition to SLDUs or SLDLs, these maps also show federal and state American Indian reservations, off-reservation trust lands, Alaska Native areas, Hawaiian home lands, states and state equivalents, counties and county equivalents, county subdivisions (in states where they function as governmental units), and places. These maps also display a base feature network including roads, railroads, and water bodies. These features are labeled as map scale permits. Each entity is covered by one or more map sheets at a single scale. An index map showing the sheet configuration is included for all entities requiring more than one sheet. The map sheet size is 36 by 32 inches.


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