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Congressional and State Legislative Districts in Geographic Products

The U.S. Census Bureau collects congressional and state legislative district boundary updates through our Redistricting Data Program. Pre-2020 Census collection of these boundaries has concluded.

The most recent plans collected by the Census Bureau are the 116th congressional and the 2018 state legislative districts. We hold the districts used for the 2018 election until we collect the postcensal congressional and state legislative district plans for the 118th Congress and year 2022 state legislatures. Any changes between the 2018 election and our postcensal collection are not reflected in Census Bureau products, such as: 

  • American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year Geodatabases
  • Cartographic Boundary Files
  • Gazetteer Files
  • Partnership Shapefiles
  • P.L. 94-171 Products
  • State Legislative District Reference Maps
  • TIGER/Line Geodatabases
  • TIGER/Line Shapefiles

For more information on the Redistricting Data Program visit the program page.  For more information about changes, if any, to your congressional and state legislative district boundaries since the 2018 election, contact your state’s redistricting body.

Page Last Revised - February 2, 2023
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