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Report Number Volume 30, No. 3
Component ID: #ti967021936

Monthly News From the U.S. Bureau of the Census

Inside this issue:

  • 1994 Population Estimates for Counties
  • Local History, Census-Style
  • Medicaid and Food Stamps Most Heavily Used
  • Half Million Elected Officials
  • Homeowner Financial Characteristics in Metro Areas
  • Highlights From the 1992 Census of Agriculture
  • Almost a Quarter of U.S. Mineral Industry Establishments Are in Texas
  • State and Local Assessments Near $7 Trillion, Generate $178 Billion in Texas
  • Census of Mineral Industries for States and Offshore Areas: 1992 and 1987
  • Receipts From Services Up 59 Percent Over 5 Years
  • Poverty – Long and Short Term
  • Statistical Abstract Tables on the Internet
  • Counting People at Soup Kitchens and Shelters
  • U.S. Statistics At A Glance
  • Tell Us About Your Use of the Internet!
  • America’s Black Population
  • How We’re Changing

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