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Report Number PHC-3
U.S. Census Bureau
Component ID: #ti1862158304


Data from Census 2000 are presented in three printed report series:.

  1. PHC-1, Summary Population and Housing Characteristics
  2. PHC-2, Summary Social, Economic, and Housing Characteristics
  3. PHC-3, Population and Housing Unit Counts

The data from Census 2000 were derived from a limited number of basic questions asked of the entire population and about every housing unit (referred to as the 100-percent questions, found on the ‘‘short form’’), and from additional questions asked of a sample of the population and housing units (referred to as the sample questions, found on the ‘‘long form’’).

The PHC-1, Summary Population and Housing Characteristics, report series provides data based on the 100-percent questions. The subjects are age, Hispanic or Latino origin, household relationship, race, sex, tenure (owner- or renter-occupied), and vacancy characteristics. Land area measurements and population density also are provided. This series is similar to the 1990 census CPH-1 series.

The PHC-2, Summary Social, Economic, and Housing Characteristics, report series provides
sample data based on both the 100-percent and the sample questions. Sample subjects include place of birth; residence in 1995; language; educational attainment and school enrollment; veteran status; disability status; employment status; journey to work; work status, earnings, income, and poverty status in 1999; physical housing characteristics; units in structure; fuel and equipment characteristics; owner and renter household characteristics, such as year owner moved into unit; home value; contract and gross rent; and mortgage and rental cost characteristics. This series is similar to the 1990 census CPH-5 series.

The PHC-3, Population and Housing Unit Counts, report series provides Census 2000 and historical comparisons of the 100-percent population and housing unit counts. It provides land and water area measurements, and population density. The user notes section documents geographic changes over the past decade. This series is similar to the 1990 census CPH-2 series.

In each series, there is one report for each state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, plus a United States summary report. Many tables in the United States summary reports include data for Puerto Rico.


.pdf   United States Summary: 2000, Part 1   [31.8 MB]
2000 Census of Population and Housing, Population and Housing Unit Counts
pdf   Alabama: 2000   [6.9 MB]
pdf   Alaska: 2000   [7.3 MB]
pdf   Arizona: 2000   [5.3 MB]
pdf   Arkansas: 2000   [6.2 MB]
pdf   California: 2000   [9.2 MB]
pdf   Colorado: 2000   [5.6 MB]
pdf   Connecticut: 2000   [4.6 MB]
pdf   Delaware: 2000   [4.3 MB]
pdf   Florida: 2000   [9 MB]
pdf   Georgia: 2000   [7.6 MB]
pdf   Hawaii: 2000   [4.8 MB]
pdf   Idaho: 2000   [5.7 MB]
pdf   Illinois: 2000   [10.8 MB]
pdf   Indiana: 2000   [5.6 MB]
pdf   Iowa: 2000   [5.6 MB]
pdf   Kansas: 2000   [5.4 MB]
pdf   Kentucky: 2000   [6.7 MB]
pdf   Louisiana: 2000   [6.9 MB]
pdf   Maine: 2000   [6.3 MB]
pdf   Maryland: 2000   [5.8 MB]
pdf   Michigan: 2000   [6.5 MB]
pdf   Minnesota: 2000   [6.9 MB]
pdf   Mississippi: 2000   [5.5 KB]
pdf   Missouri: 2000   [7.3 MB]
pdf   Montana: 2000   [5.8 MB]
pdf   Nebraska: 2000   [5.2 MB]
pdf   Nevada: 2000   [4.6 MB]
pdf   New Jersey: 2000   [5.9 MB]
pdf   New Mexico: 2000   [5.5 MB]
pdf   New York: 2000   [7.5 MB]
pdf   North Dakota: 2000   [5.3 MB]
pdf   Ohio: 2000   [6.9 MB]
pdf   Oklahoma: 2000   [7 MB]
pdf   Oregon: 2000   [5.6 MB]
pdf   Pennsylvania: 2000   [7.9 MB]
pdf   Rhode Island: 2000   [4.3 MB]
pdf   South Dakota: 2000   [5.6 MB]
pdf   Tennessee: 2000   [6.4 MB]
pdf   Texas: 2000   [11 MB]
pdf   Utah: 2000   [5.3 MB]
pdf   Vermont: 2000   [4.4 MB]
pdf   Virginia: 2000   [6.7 MB]
pdf   Washington: 2000   [6.5 MB]
pdf   Wisconsin: 2000   [6.7 MB]
pdf   Wyoming: 2000   [5 MB]
pdf   Puerto Rico: 2000   [7.1 MB]
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