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Social, Economic, and Housing Characteristics: Island Areas

Report Number PHC-4
U.S. Census Bureau



Data from Census 2000 of the Island Areas are presented in PHC-4, Social, Economic, and Housing Characteristics—Island Areas

The data from Census 2000 of the Island Areas were derived from questions asked of the entire population and every housing unit. Appendix D presents facsimiles of the questionnaire pages used to collect the data included in this report.

The PHC-4, Social, Economic, and Housing Characteristics—Island Areas, report series provides data compiled from all people and housing units. Population items include sex; age; ethnic origin and race; household relationship; households and families; group quarters; marital status; grandparents as caregivers; language spoken at home and frequency of English usage; place of birth, parents’ place of birth, citizenship status, and year of entry; migration and main reason for moving; children ever born (fertility); place of work; journey to work (commuting); school enrollment and educational attainment; vocational training; veteran status; military dependency; disability; employment status; industry, occupation, and class of worker; income; and poverty status. Housing items include occupancy status; vacancy status; tenure; number of rooms; number of bedrooms; water supply; year moved into unit; household size and occupants per room; units in structure; year structure built; telephone service; air conditioning; plumbing and kitchen facilities (bathtub or shower; toilet facilities; cooking facilities); source of water; sewage disposal; types of building materials; battery-operated radio; condominium status; vehicles available; mortgage status; value of home; monthly rent; and shelter costs. Land area measurements and population density
also are provided.


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