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Report Number ACSBR/09-18
Angela B. Buchanan, Nora G. Albert, and Daniel Beaulieu
Component ID: #ti624720028


This report describes the population with Haitian ancestry living in the United States based on the 2009 American Community Survey (ACS). It also presents the distribution of people with Haitian ancestry across the United States.

Haitian is a relatively small, yet growing, ancestry group in the United States, increasing from 290,000 people with Haitian ancestry (0.1 percent of the total population) in 1990 to 548,000 (0.2 percent) in 2000.1 By 2009, an estimated 830,000 people with Haitian ancestry were living in the United States, or 0.3 percent of the total population.2

1 Brittingham, Angela, and G. Patricia de la Cruz. Ancestry: 2000. U.S. Census Bureau. Census 2000 Brief, C2KBR-35, issued June 2004.
2 Data are based on a sample and are subject to sampling variability; see Table 1 for margins of error.

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