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Report Number ACSBR/10-03
Daphne Lofquist
Component ID: #ti1475915638


Living arrangements are rapidly changing in America, especially when it comes to both same-sex couple households and the recognition of same-sex marriages by individual states. A description of these households is not complete without identifying the presence of children in these households by their relation to the householder—whether they are biological children, stepchildren, or adopted children. This report addresses these topics by presenting data from the 2010 American Community Survey (ACS) on same-sex couple households at national and state levels. The data in this report are for households, not individuals.

This report is one of a series produced to highlight results from the 2010 ACS. The ACS provides detailed estimates of demographic, social, economic, and housing characteristics for congressional districts, counties, places, and other localities every year. A description of the ACS is provided in the text box “What Is the American Community Survey?”

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