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Publications by Series

Agricultural Briefs
Includes short reports that display data from the 1992 Census of Agriculture in an easy-to-read format.

American Community Survey Data Briefs (ACSBR) Publication Series
Short reports on specific topics from the American Community Survey.

American Community Survey Reports (ACS) Publication Series
Detailed reports on specific topics from the American Community Survey.

Census Briefs
A series of succinct reports, presented in narrative style accompanied by charts and tables, that summarize data from current economic and demographic surveys.

Census Catalogs and Monthly Product Announcements
The Census Catalog and Guide is a comprehensive catalog and a guide to programs and services. The Monthly Product Announcements lists new monthly products.

Census Questionnaire Content
This series of bulletins shows the questions asked in the 1990 census and the answers that you, the American people, gave.

Census and You: Monthly News From the U.S. Bureau of the Census
This newsletter series from 1994 to 1999 contains developments in all census statistical areas: with emphasis on demographic, social, housing, & economic data.

Census of Agriculture

Census of Population and Housing
Official publications containing information collected from the Decennial Census of Population and Housing.

Consolidated Federal Funds Reports
These reports present data on Federal Government expenditures or obligations to State, county and local governments.

Consumer Income (P60) Publication Series
Reports on families, individuals, and households at various income levels, also the relationship of income to age, sex, race, and other characteristics.

Current Housing Reports
Current housing reports present statistics from such surveys as the American Housing Survey and the Survey of Market Absorption.


Factfinder for the Nation
A series of reports on a range of Census Bureau materials available on a given subject and suggests some of their uses.

Geographic Distribution and Characteristics of Older Workers: 2004
These reports use Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWIs) from the LED program to focus on characteristics of older workers in 2004.

Household Economic Studies (P70) Publication Series
This series provides information on the economic status of households and the relationship to social characteristics and to benefits received.

International Population Reports (P95 and WP Series) Series
These report series present demographic and socioeconomic data and specialized studies of the populations of foreign countries and regions of the world.

Population Characteristics (P20) Publication Series
The annual reports in this series contain data on various topics.

Population Estimates and Projections (P25) Publication Series
Reports on monthly estimates of the total U.S. population; estimates by age, sex, race; projections; and components of population change.

Profiles Of Older Workers: 2002
These reports use Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWIs) from the LED program to focus on two groups of older workers in 2002.

Special Studies (P23) Publication Series
Reports on methods, concepts, or specialized data, also includes occasional reports on the metropolitan-nonmetropolitan population, and other topics.

Statistical Abstracts Series
These publications are a comprehensive collection of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States.

U.S. Trade with Puerto Rico and U.S. Possessions (FT895) Series
Presents total quantity and value of commodities shipped between the United States, Puerto Rico, and U.S. possessions.

We The Americans Series
Illustrated narrative and tabular summary of population and housing data from the 1990 census, 1980 census, 1970 census, and current surveys.

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