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Analysis of the Kim-Winkler Algorithm for Masking Microdata Files: How Much Masking is Necessary and Sufficient? Conjectures for the Development of a Controllable Algorithm

Working Paper Number RR96-05
Richard A. Moore, Jr.
Component ID: #ti1179587200

Executive Summary

In 1995, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) contracted with the US Bureau of the Census to produce a specially requested public use microdata file. This file supplemented information on the March 1991 Current Population Survey (CPS) public use file with Form 1040 information from each respondent’s 1990 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax return. Because the IRS could use their data to re-identify individuals on the CPS file, great care had to be taken to mask the HHS file. In doing so, Jay Kim and William Winkler (1995) developed a very effective two-stage procedure for masking public use microdata files.

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