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Gregory Fant, Kenneth Bryson, Loretta Bass, and Barbara Downs


This paper evaluates selected demographic characteristics from the 1997 Survey of Program Dynamics (SPD)-Bridge survey with the corresponding March Supplement of the 1997 Current Population Survey (CPS), a cross-sectional sample survey. The SPD, a longitudinal, sample survey, was designed to evaluate the impact of the 1996 national, welfare reform legislation by studying its effect on a panel of survey respondents over a ten-year period (1992-2002) for specific demographic, social, and household economic characteristics. Our paper has four parts. In the first, we briefly sketch the legislative history and purpose of SPD and compare the 1997 SPD Bridge survey with the 1997 CPS March supplement. The second part outlines the methods used in this study while part three presents our study results. In the final part, we briefly discuss our results and the implications of this study for the analysis of longitudinal transitions experienced by American families in the final section.

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