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Procedural Difficulties in Taking Past Censuses in Predominantly Negro, Puerto Rican, and Mexican areas

Leon Pritzker and N.D. Rothwell
Component ID: #ti1441977827


We have tampered with our assigned topic by expanding in one area and contracting in another. Our expanded topic includes census-taking problems that affect the entire population, although we shall emphasize the impact of these problems on statistics for Negroes particularly, and for Puerto Ricans and Mexicans mostly by indirection since we have limited knowledge about particular procedural problems for them. In contracting, we shall limit ourselves to problems in data collection that affect counting, although we know these problems are related to and occasionally indistinguishable from problems in collecting accurate age, sex, relationship, income, and other data. We are also aware that we are slighting significant procedural difficulties in other stages of a census such as data processing, which, for example, affects the counts of persons with Spanish surnames or Mexican persons.

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