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Results of the 2003 National Census Test of Race and Hispanic Questions

Elizabeth Martin, Dave Sheppard, Michael Bentley, and Claudette Bennett
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Executive Summary

As part of the Census Bureau’s 2010 research and testing program on race and ethnicity, the Census Bureau during February through April 2003 conducted the 2003 National Census Test (NCT). The purpose was to evaluate alternative versions of the questions on Hispanic origin and race. The 2003 NCT was a sample of about 160,000 households in Census 2000 mailback areas only. It consisted of seven experimental panels and a Control panel. The Control panel was essentially the Census 2000 short form questionnaire.

The Census Bureau has as a broad goal reducing the number of race and Hispanic origin responses that are missing or do not fall into one or more of the five major race categories defined by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). These responses must be imputed for all uses other than release of products from the census. A second goal is improved reporting of detailed Hispanic origins in the Hispanic origin question.

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