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Working Paper Number rsm2019-05
Alfred D. Tuttle, Herman A. Alvarado, Jennifer Beck
Component ID: #ti877459279


The National Science Foundation’s National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics commissioned survey methodologists at the U.S. Census Bureau to explore the topic of innovation with for-profit businesses. The motivation for this study is to inform the development of survey questions incorporating expanded definitions of innovation that specify product (goods or service), process, marketing, and organizational innovation. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development coordinated this and similar research studies in member countries to improve the production of international innovation statistics. Census Bureau researchers interviewed executives at 23 companies representing a range of economic sectors and sizes from very large (>5,000 employees) to very small (<100 employees). The participants generally understood the various types of innovation as intended, though they tended to have more varied interpretations of organizational innovation. Few companies reported the existence of formal innovation-related data or metrics, and varied in the availability and precision of records on expenditures and revenues that might be associated with innovation. 


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