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Export Training Videos

Mon Jun 28 2010
Eric Gauthier
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The Foreign Trade Division (FTD) continuously looks for ways to train the export community and the general public on how to file their export information through the Automated Export System (AES). We have user guides, the call center, and sample shipments, among other resources. But we also look for nonconventional ways to get our message across. As part of our mission, we have 12 online videos available explaining the export process by presenters that are international trade specialists with the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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One of the export videos at Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) discusses subjects pertaining to when a shipment is required to be filed via the AES, the definition of a shipment, the definition of United States Principal Party in Interest (USPPI), and the timeframes to submit your export information through the AES.

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Another video is at “Classifying Your Commodity”. The video talks about what a Schedule B classification code is and how you can use the new Schedule B search engine available on the FTD website to classify your merchandise.

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Additional videos are available explaining how to use the system to file your export information through the AES at ‘Registering for AESDirect’. You will learn about the AESDirect filing application, an Internal Transaction Number (ITN), and the Electronic Export Information (EEI). It also provides the steps on how to register to use the free, Internet based AESDirect system. The next video at “Filing a Shipment in AESDirect”explains what information and sections are required to be completed and what to do if you don’t have all the details related to your EEI.

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The video found at “Response Messages from AES” explains the response messages generated by the AES mainframe that you may receive after submitting your EEI, including the fatal, compliance, and verification messages. The video at “Proof of Filing Citations” explains the format for the ITN and how you need to present this information to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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There are also other videos that provide guidance for the export community at This is just another interactive way to aid you in correctly reporting your export shipment information the first time.

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